Production/ Blending

Petro Poyesh offers chemical manufacturing and chemical blending services, under exclusive arrangements covering all types of customers and markets. Our products can assist you in improving your plant’s business and environmental performance. Our novel services and solutions help you meet your plant’s goals by achieving the following:

  • Performance improvement

  • Asset preservation

  • Environmental sustainability

  • Reliable operations

  • Reduced total operational cost

  •  Improved production rates


Sales and Marketing

Marketing & Sales teams at Petro Poyesh collaborate with hundreds of customers, in different markets such as: Oil and Gas, petrochemical, water treatment, waste water treatment, and mining industries to bring innovative solutions and science to their business.

In addition to building strong relationships with customers, our teams blend a deep understanding of the market with science and technology to consistently exceed the needs of the leading industries and growing trends. Petro Poyesh Kimia is recognized for continuously delivering best-in-class solutions, products, and services.


After sale and consultancy services

Our consultancy services offer the services of an expert backed up by the knowledge and experience of a whole company. We have teams of specialists in different markets that have the solutions for your problems and can help you solve them.

Why not ask us to show you how we can help keep your plant running, save you money and keep your company operating within the law.